Listen Up

Songs with pop flair and soul this week

Black Pumas: Colors Pulled from Black Pumas’ self-titled debut album, the retro-tinged “Colors” describes the lovely details of everyday life, while focusing on celebrating all the hues within. “I woke up to the morning sky, first / Baby blue, just like we rehearsed,” frontman Eric Burton sings, as the Kristian Mercado-directed video rolls along. The video, shot in the Bronx, aims to “explore the idea …

St.Arnaud: The Introvert

From Edmonton-based St.Arnaud’s debut album The Cost of Living, “The Introvert” colorfully (and accurately) describes the attributes of the title character. With sing-song pop flair and jangling folk inflection, the song chugs forward. Its music video, directed by Liam Prost, was shot entirely in a home bathroom and mirrors the joy that the band brings to their live performances.