Turkish Delight

Taking an age-old confection into the 21st century, Divan’s Turkish Delights are a classic recipe housed in elegantly modern packaging. The small sugary cubes are comprised of a base of chopped dates and hazelnuts with the addition of pistachios, and make a great snack for anyone with a discerning sweet tooth.

Wondermade Marshmallows

A naturally sugary indulgence "made with 100% sweet, magic air"

Using only cane sugar and natural flavoring derived from the real thing, Wondermade makes a superior small-batch mallow. Their little one-inch-squared marshmallows pack just enough flavor to bring a slight smile to your face, side stepping the cringe that comes from overly powerful artificial flavoring. We recently sampled the strawberry and s’more varieties—which come in well designed packaging by Philidelphia’s Heads of State—at CH HQ …

Swizzle Sticks

Stir up your next cocktail with a cane sugar stick farmed on Oahu

On a recent trip to Hawaii we came across Hula Girl Foods‘ naturally sweetened swizzle sticks. Farmed and packaged on the island of Oahu, the thin slices of pure cane sugar are a nice addition to your favorite cocktail, but they can also be used as skewers on the grill. The family-owned company has been producing their versatile sugar cane products for more than 25 …