Wondermade Marshmallows

A naturally sugary indulgence "made with 100% sweet, magic air"


Using only cane sugar and natural flavoring derived from the real thing, Wondermade makes a superior small-batch mallow. Their little one-inch-squared marshmallows pack just enough flavor to bring a slight smile to your face, side stepping the cringe that comes from overly powerful artificial flavoring.

We recently sampled the strawberry and s’more varieties—which come in well designed packaging by Philidelphia’s Heads of State—at CH HQ to a positive response all around. While the strawberry was pleasantly modest, the s’more was a bit more complicated (in a good way), with layered chocolate and vanilla and crushed graham crackers. Plain and simple, they’re a fluffy, airy, sugary treat with just the right amount of sweetness.


On top of the two we tried, Wondermade makes marshmallows in eight curious flavors including honey, lavender, rose raspberry, carrot cake, bourbon and Guiness. While we haven’t had the chance to snack on those flavors yet, we’re sure they’re just as tasty. A single box of 16 sells for $8 directly from Wondermade or at New York Mouth.

Images by Graham Hiemstra