Sparkling Rosé

Composed predominantly of Prosecco grapes from northeastern Italy, Ruffino’s new Sparkling Rosé carries a bright but elegant berry flavor. This extra-dry sparkling wine bears a crisp acidity and steers clear of overt sweetness—though it delights all the way through a long finish. It’s certainly one of the best in its (ever-growing) category and retails at quite the affordable price.

Terrazas Wines for Summer BBQs

From a valley in Argentina's Andes, these reds are perfect for backyard parties

Asado is the national dish of Argentina, and the word represents two separate meanings: first, a broad range of techniques associated with cooking barbecue and the traditional dish that ensues, and second, the actual barbecue event. Though the country is known for its rich carnivorous traditions, Argentina is also the producer of stellar wines—and both go hand-in-hand. Terrazas de los Andes recognizes this perfect pairing. …