Brielle 2.0 Sunglasses

From God’s Gift London, the Brielle 2.0 serves up retro style with photochromic and anti-reflective lenses that offer UV 400 protection. Made from polycarbonate, the sunglasses come in a range of classic hues (like black and tortoiseshell) in addition to bold, multi-toned colorways (including light and dark green, orange and pink or even white, red and pink). Price is in Pounds.

Black Hyde Park BluBlocker Sunglasses

Featuring ultra-lightweight nylon frames and high-resolution lenses that block 100% of UV light and blue light, the Black Hyde Park sunglasses are a sporty option from legendary eyewear brand BluBlocker (which grew out of the NASA space program).

“Porgy Backstage” Progressive Sunglasses

For those who need readers the on-off-on-off of glasses to see nearby images and text gets irritating quickly. Caddis makes progressive glasses without a prescription at the top of the lens and adjustment at the bottom to solve for that exact conundrum. And now they’re offering four different styles made for the outdoors—whether you’re reading on the beach or spotting marine life from a boat. …