Checkered Santa Cruz Blanket

For each Sackcloth + Ashes blanket sold, the charitable brand donates one to someone experiencing homelessness. From them comes the Checkered Santa Cruz, a retro-colored blanket that features a bright and wavy take on the classic pattern. Made from recycled wool and polyester and spun without the use of dye, this sustainable blanket is colorful and cozy.

The Epic Patchwork Body Pillow

Made from deadstock linen tinted with low-impact dyes and with an LA-made insert, this body pillow from Lindsay Rose Medoff’s sustainable sewing and production shop, Suay, is a design-forward, cozy home addition. Featuring patchwork in three different colorways (oatmeal, mustard or indigo), the pillow transforms upcycled materials into a lush way to lounge.

Building Sustainable Computer Chips Out of Mushrooms

There are 50 million tons of electronic waste produced per year, including computer chips which are made from un-recyclable plastic. Within each chip, the substrate—an insulating and cooling layer that transmits data—is the most difficult to recycle, but scientists are trying to remedy that. Martin Kaltenbrunner at Austria’s Johannes Kepler University and his colleagues built a biodegradable electronic substrate using the skin of the ganoderma …