10pt’s Clever Sustainable T-Shirt Packaging

Student designers Antonina Kozlova and Kanokpon Yokchoo from the Anhalt University of Design started a T-shirt brand whose packaging is not only sustainable, but also useful. The innovative packaging—a spiral paper tube which the shirts are shipped inside—doubles as measuring tape. Simply unravel the 100% recycled paper tube, and a colorful tape-measure is the result. See more at thedieline.

MONK Provisions’ Handcrafted Drinking Botanicals

Tasty cannabis-infused beverages that offer a variety of effects and dosages

Made with wellness in mind, MONK Drinking Botanicals are THC- and CBD-infused elixirs that are handcrafted using only the best sustainably-sourced herbs, terpenes and freshly pressed juices. Available in a variety of dosage options and cannabinoid combination, the shrubs and juices are made with organic ingredients and aim to help ease pain, inflammation, anxiety and even convulsions. As promised, the CBD-only infused beverages don’t create …

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Bill Cunningham's secret memoir, celebrating Katsuko Saruhashi, upcycling, gene-editing and more

1. Bill Cunningham’s Secret Memoir Legendary fashion photographer Bill Cunningham left behind a somewhat secret memoir which is set to publish later this year. Titled “Fashion Climbing,” the book has been drafted several times, as a few revised versions were discovered in his immense archive. Tracing his childhood obsession with women’s clothing to his service in the Korean War, his work in NYC as a …