Listen Up

Reflective rap, a soulful debut, a Breeders cover and more new music

Shelley: Cooking With Grease Through the single “Cooking With Grease,” Shelley (fka DRAM) debuts a new name and a revamped sound. On lesser-known releases under his former moniker, Shelley (full name Shelley Massenburg-Smith) flexed his vocal prowess, but these performances were somewhat overshadowed by his rapping on hits like “Cha Cha,” “Broccoli” and “Cash Machine.” Now, with renewed direction and a refined sonic focus, Shelley …

Tairey: The Shallows

Recording artist Tairey (aka Tairey Perez) releases a catchy, reflective rap track, “The Shallows.” Perez fills the single with affirmations, reminding himself and listeners that many of the challenges before us are “not that deep.” In the face of stress-induced insomnia, he tells himself, “I thought I would drown if I jumped in / but it’s not that deep.” There’s also a limited edition “The Shallows” T-shirt …

Tairey feat. Badboxes: Lowlands

Pittsburgh artists Tairey and Badboxes collaborate on a genre-blending burner titled “Lowlands.” Badboxes, aka Harrison Wargo, provides the initial vocals—he sings of full moons, slow dances and the lowlands overtop drums and guitars. Tairey raps a well-written minute-long verse with impressive cadence—initially self-reflective, it slowly turns wiser.