New tracks from Future Islands, Tennis, Sam Nicolosi, Tempers and more in our weekly musical round-up

Syd: Fin Syd (member of The Internet and associate of Odd Future) never disappoints and her debut solo album Fin is sublime from beginning to end. From the slightly dark, bubbly “Body” to the sexy “Got Her Own,” the record smoothly slips from spacey to woozy and seductive—complemented by Syd’s effortlessly sultry vocals. With robotic sounds and synths blending with ’90s-tinged R&B influences, this entire …

Tempers: Further

With their just-released official video for “Further,” NYC-based Tempers key listeners in to what can be expected of the brand’s forthcoming Fundamental Fantasy EP. Moody guitars get electronic punctuation and a thoughtful atmosphere develops around rather complex songwriting. There’s a lot of beauty here, emphasized in the video, but also darkness.