The Kills: Echo Home

The Kills paint aural dreamscapes that make you travel to lands you somehow know, but have never thought of. Their songs lead listeners on an emotional path through the fire-and-water romance of true thought—and the gorgeously sullen duet “Echo Home” is no finer example. Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince are like a modern-day Nancy and Lee (Sinatra and Hazlewood) tearing around Mulholland in a jet …

Impossible Project 8, Berlin

Alison Mosshart, Sigur Ros and more unite for an instant photography exhibition

It isn’t every day that a new, true Polaroid-format instant camera is born. To celebrate the launch of the I-1 Instant Analog Camera, and eight years of work since purchasing a Polaroid facility, the The Impossible Project launched a three-tiered artistic onslaught. First, they equipped a series of well-known creators with the I-1. Second, they debuted the world’s largest photo swap and invited the general …

The Kills: Doing It To Death

With a macabre, clever video to match their song title, The Kill’s latest “Doing It To Death” takes funeral procession choreography to new heights. From sidestepping pallbearers to a smoke-filled eulogy, it steers clear of disrespect in lieu of celebrating physical and sexual effort—altogether making for a beautiful video supporting an entirely enjoyable track.