Letterpress Matchboxes

Sarah and William Allardice, the print-happy duo at A Fine Matchbox Co., use their vintage windmill press to create an array of intriguing and special matchboxes, which encase their signature sturdy, blue-tipped, extra-long safety matches. Who has room for freebie-branded matchbooks in their life, when each stroke of the flame can lend a small moment to look at something beautiful.

Onitsuka Tiger Tai-Chi CSS Exclusive

Remember the yellow and black Tai-Chi Onistuka Tigers worn in Kill Bill 1? Only 1,500 were produced and Classic Sport Shoes was responsible for selling most of them. After much pleading, Classic Sport Shoes has gotten Tiger to do an exclusive production run on another batch of the yellow and black Tai-Chi CSS sneakers. They will be getting the shoes in June, and are taking …

Tiger Ultimate 81

This Spring’s Ultimate 81 from Asic’s Onitsuka Tiger brand are a fun and vibrant inspiration for the season to come.