Leaf Pipe

Handmade by Toronto-based ceramic artist Julie Moon, this leaf-shaped pipe swirls with abstract patterns and subtle hues. Whether in use or on display, this pipe contributes a touch of whimsy.

Sore Muscle Salve

With relaxing effects from tobacco and warming relief from cayenne and cloves, this hand-crafted salve by Fat and the Moon (founded by herbalist Rachel Budde) soothes muscles with natural ingredients that are ethically harvested. More than a way to ease the body however, the balm’s subtle, spicy and earthy aromas—bolstered by vetiver essential oils—also invigorate the senses.

Mustard Heart Pipe and Dish Set

Since all of these heart-shaped pipes and dishes are handmade by Niki at Buenos Aires-based Rompotodo, no two are exactly alike and each one includes little idiosyncrasies. This makes them charmingly unique, while a shiny glaze ties the matching set—available in mustard, black, pink, lavender or mint—together. Food-safe and lead-free, the pipe fits perfectly within the dish. And, as with all products by Burning Love, …