Globe-Trotter for Nat Sherman

A luggage legend designs a custom humidor for an iconic tobacconist

nat1.jpg nat2.jpg

Since 1897 Globe-Trotter has been producing high-end suitcases for the epically discerning traveler, much like how for 80 years Nat Sherman’s cigarettes have stood for style and quality. To celebrate the tobacconist’s decades, Globe-Trotter has designed an exclusive humidor made with their patented Vulcan Fibre—a material that reportedly makes their craft luggage as light as aluminum and strong as leather.

In classic Globe-Trotter style, the Nat Sherman Humidor is wrapped in Colonial Brown Vulcan and lined with paper-backed Spanish cedar and Oatmeal wood to keep your tobacco moist. Only 25 of these cases will be made, all of which will be on display for a limited time at Nat Sherman’s flagship store in NYC, where they will also sell exclusively. Price is available on request.