Goodnight Moon Tote Bag

Book-centric apparel and accessory brand Out of Print transformed the children’s classic Goodnight Moon into a nostalgic tote bag whose proceeds fund literacy programs and book donations for communities in need. Constructed from 100% cotton and made in the US, the tote features the 1947 first edition cover, illustrated by Clement Hurd, and an interior pocket for better organization.

Reparations Club Tote

This durable tote bag proudly supports LA’s Reparations Club, a concept bookstore and creative hub founded and owned by Jazzi McGilbert. Available in neon yellow or black and emblazoned with the words “Black-Owned / Women-Owned,” the tote is made in the US by workers who earn a livable wage. Crafted from 100% cotton, 13-ounce bull denim, it’s big enough to carry books, groceries, records and …

Metallic Mushroom Bag

BAGGU’s metallic mushroom print bag is a reusable, foldable tote covered in a shiny, earthy pattern replete with fungi as well as pops of blue and green. Generously sized and made from 100% recycled ripstop nylon, it can carry 50 pounds of mushrooms—or anything else.