CES 2023: Mercedes-Benz and SUPERPLASTIC’s Superdackel

A playful reimagining of the iconic Wackeldackel nodding dog toy by the two brands

Superdackel—the digital canine creation and a reimagining of the iconic Wackeldackel nodding dog toy—from Mercedes-Benz and Paul Budnitz’s SUPERPLASTIC launched at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. The playful pooch makes his debut in an animated short film and as an 8.2-foot figure at Mercedes-Benz’s CES stand. In the film, Superdackel joins SUPERPLASTIC’s characters Janky and Guggimon and the trio takes a joyride around NYC in …

Castle Block Set

From the heirloom-quality South German toy brand Gluckskafer, the Castle Block Set is a vertical puzzle produced with wood from the Linden tree. The bright primary colors (drawn from non-toxic, water-based paint) lend each block—and the non-traditional, but still fairytale-like castle as a whole—an even more imaginative presence.

Apple and Cheese Lacing Set

This endearing apple and cheese set helps kids ages three and older develop fine motor skills. Each piece is crafted from wood,  populated with holes and features a mouse (for the cheese) or a caterpillar (for the apple) attached to string. Weaving them through the food is a fun and simple way to foster children’s growth.