CES 2023: Mercedes-Benz and SUPERPLASTIC’s Superdackel

A playful reimagining of the iconic Wackeldackel nodding dog toy by the two brands

Superdackel—the digital canine creation and a reimagining of the iconic Wackeldackel nodding dog toy—from Mercedes-Benz and Paul Budnitz’s SUPERPLASTIC launched at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. The playful pooch makes his debut in an animated short film and as an 8.2-foot figure at Mercedes-Benz’s CES stand. In the film, Superdackel joins SUPERPLASTIC’s characters Janky and Guggimon and the trio takes a joyride around NYC in a Mercedes-Benz.

“I’ve been a fanboy of the Wackeldackel forever, and actually had a classic version on the dashboard of my vintage Mercedes 230CE forever,” Budnitz shares in a statement. “So when Mercedes-Benz approached us about inviting him into the SUPERPLASTIC universe, the answer was an immediate yes.”

Images courtesy of Mercedes-Benz and SUPERPLASTIC