Alta Light Shorts

Inspired by traversing lengthy trails in the heat of the summer, the Alta Light Shorts are an ultra-lightweight edition of running and outdoor apparel brand Roark’s signature performance shorts. Outfitted with a moisture-wicking brief liner that features four-way stretch and micro-perforation, the shorts enhance airflow and keep the body dry and cool for comfier, improved adventures.

Notes: On Winter Walks

A Pittsburgh winter makes us wonder whether change is inevitable

Last week, with cracked fingers, I opened a 2009 article from The New York Times: Is Cold Air Cleaner Than Warm Air? by C Claiborne Ray. I didn’t need a definitive answer; I wasn’t sure they’d have one. I really only wanted to believe the colder air out there was better for me—that the sting was worth enduring. At the very least, it felt so …

Road Trip: Coastal Maine

A state of splendid isolation known for lobsters, blueberries and the great outdoors

Where US Route 1 veers closer to the shoreline than any other major highway, it’s often referred to as the coastal road—or the scenic route. This most certainly applies to the iconic path’s position in Maine, as it travels from Portsmouth, New Hampshire to the first coastal town, Kittery and all the way up to Canada. It’s a charming, often winding, two lanes that pass …