Travel Kit

Comprising crystals, a wearable evil eye and smokeless smudge, this travel kit from Sage & Salt contains items designed to transform every final destination into a welcome one. Each component—from the smoke-free spritz to the black salt—aims to support the clearing of bad energy and anxiety while helping to maintain alertness, ultimately keeping travelers feeling grounded and secure.

CH Omakase 2017: Colette Jaffe Travel Set

One-of-a-kind luxury for a travel- and linen-obsessed customer

Made exclusively for one CH Omakase client with a particular passion for both travel and Italian linens, we had only one name on our list to create a one-of-a-kind travel set—Colette Jaffe. It’s as personal as CH Omakase gets. Meticulously embroidered with our client’s initials, this set is made up of a matching travel pillow and eye mask (from 100% Egyptian cotton) and a hand-poured …

Tech Travel Kit

For such a slender organizer, there are compartments aplenty in Grayers and Baxter of California’s collaborative travel kit. First, there’s a pocket big enough for an iPad. Then, there are a series of utility pockets ranging in size. Elastic holders and leather snap-loops lock down headphones and wires. This is a handsome accessory for essentials and more.