Custom Portrait

Brooklyn-based ceramicist Eleni Kontos crafts custom clay portraits in fun, off-kilter, cartoon styles. Each sculpture features a small hollow body (measuring around four to five inches in height), a detachable topper head and marbled colors the artist dyes herself. Altogether, it’s an endearing, personal gift for a loved one.

Chrysanthemum Bowl

Australian artist Kate Rohde (represented by Pieces of Eight Gallery in Melbourne and Culture Object in NYC) creates wildly colorful, playful objects with resin. With an appearance like an artifact from a fairytale, each unique Chrysanthemum Bowl has been hand-cast in food-safe resin and whether in use or not it adds whimsy to a room. Price is in AUD.

Porcelain Pomegranate

Symbolizing abundance, fertility and love in various religions and cultures, the pomegranate promises good fortune and health. These handmade porcelain pomegranates from Tel Aviv’s SIND Studio appear delightfully abstract thanks to their hand-painted patterns and colors. While no two are the same, all feature real gold paint contrasting more subdued hues.