Emily Reinhardt: The Object Enthusiast

The Omaha-based artist creates made-to-order ceramic vessels to hold all your treasures


Ceramic artist Emily Reinhardt has given herself a very apt alias: The Object Enthusiast. The Omaha-based creator makes vessels that are part geometric and part organic; looking like something naturally grown, yet with tinge of human interference.

While all her offerings are covetable, we especially like her polka-dot spherical vases, speckled dishes and faceted vases—all complete with copper or gold leaf embellishment. “My faceted vessels came from a few practice rounds of a method of throwing on the wheel, but in an opposite, inside-out sort of way,” Reinhardt tells CH. “It’s a style of throwing that embraces the imperfections, and so I decided to take that a little further, and I started cutting pieces out of the walls intentionally with a knife. It happens really organically, and that’s exactly what I love about creating.” Proving that she genuinely has a natural gift, some of her best discoveries have come about by mistake; “I do a lot of trial and error, and a lot of my results come from accidents, or things I didn’t necessarily mean to do. I’ve been doing a little more planning that usual lately. I’m ready to move on from a few of my designs, and I’m looking forward to breaking out of my shell and starting a few new projects.”

TheObjectEnthusiast-02a.jpg TheObjectEnthusiast-02.jpg

Recently, Reinhardt released a range of hanging vessels; a take on her existing faceted vases, but attached to pink cord to mount on a wall. Says the artist of her process, “The hanging vessels are hand-formed and altered with a knife. I can make them relatively fast, but drying time needs to be considered, as well as firing. After the gold and sealer is applied I am able to attach the leather cord and make sure it’s ready to hang. Overall, they take about five to 10 minutes to form, but a week or so to finish completely.” Overall, Reinhardt’s aesthetic is the perfect balance, “I’m aiming for that imperfect, earthy object, but with just a touch of glamour.”

All of Emily Reinhardt’s pieces are made-to-order and are available online, with prices starting at $22.

Images courtesy of Emily Reinhardt