Unistellar’s New eVscope eQuinox Telescope + Its Meaningful Community

With global camaraderie, amateur astronomers and citizen scientists track the cosmos using smart technology

Sponsored by Unistellar

Technology-driven telescope startup Unistellar’s new eVscope eQuinox is a powerful new digital astronomy tool, giving novices the power to discover the universe—even from a balcony in the city—while allowing advanced astronomers to quickly and frequently collect data. Better yet, eVscope eQuinox owners are inducted into Unistellar’s global community of space-lovers, receiving frequent inspiration, encouragement and citizen science opportunities. The eVscope eQuinox is an app-connected scientific …

Tracking the Cosmos With the SETI Institute-Supported Unistellar eVscope Telescope

Observing outer space with an exciting, connected tool for amateur astronomers and citizen scientists

When its funding period closed on 24 November 2017, Unistellar’s eVscope became the most successful Kickstarter telescope campaign in history—raising $2,209,270 from 2,144 backers. Roughly three years later, we spent several months with the extraordinary amateur astronomical tool, looking up at the stars from Brooklyn, the Berkshires and a few places in-between. Developed in partnership with SETI Institute (the acclaimed non-profit questing for the origins …