Cooler Backpack

UBB and Barebones join forces for a bag that meets all your cooler needs: up to 20 cans. With a shape reminiscent of an icebox, the cooler bag can keep contents cold for 48 hours—even longer than most insulated thermoses or growlers. The wide-mouth (which hangs over the sides of the backpack) allows the opening to expand when unzipped. As such, you could carry two—one for …

Bison Quilted Throw Blanket

Made in the USA, United by Blue’s Bison Quilted Throw Blanket features B100 insulation, drawn from 60% Bison fiber and 40% regenerated polyester. It measures 50 by 70 inches, and an eight-inch baffling reflects classic design. Adaptive warmth is key here and the brand—known for its durability—never fails to deliver.

United by Blue’s Ultimate American Jacket

Outerwear that's made entirely in the USA and insulated with bison fiber

United by Blue has already shattered their Kickstarter goal, so we were especially curious to get hands on their Ultimate American Jacket. Made entirely in the USA, this isn’t like most other winter performance apparel out there. The surprisingly lightweight, waterproof zipper jacket’s outer shell covers up a proprietary B100 Fill™ insulation from bison fiber collected from ranchers across the USA. This insulation protects wearers …