Wood Stool

From Avocado Green Mattress, this classic timber stool is full of whimsical curves—but it’s more than a playful side table, it’s also a testament to sustainable luxury. Crafted exclusively from upcycled and durable beechwood at their factory in Los Angeles, the stool stems from the brand’s Zero Waste collection and is finished with non-toxic materials and eco-friendly wood stains.

Upcycled Dragon Egg Tote Bag

From Australian brand Perks and Mini’s spring/summer 2022 collection, each Upcycled Dragon Egg Tote Bag is individually crafted in Melbourne from nylon ripstop fabric that features a digital print. The design is a tweaked take on a bag from the PAM archive—which dates back to 2000, when Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey founded the now-cult brand. The elasticated “corn” gathering creates a ruched effect, and …

Scraps Throw

Greg Lauren makes chic Japanese-inspired clothes from vintage garments he’s collected over many years. No scraps are wasted, so if they’re not usable in another garment they’re sewn in to fabric sheets to be used some other way. Lauren’s “Scraps” throws are made from those sheets, and backed with sherpa wool for extra warmth and coziness.