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The Epic Patchwork Body Pillow


Made from deadstock linen tinted with low-impact dyes and with an LA-made insert, this body pillow from Lindsay Rose Medoff’s sustainable sewing and production shop, Suay, is a design-forward, cozy home addition. …

Avocado Green Mattress

Wood Stool


From Avocado Green Mattress, this classic timber stool is full of whimsical curves—but it’s more than a playful side table, it’s also a testament to sustainable luxury. Crafted exclusively from upcycled and …

Perks and Mini

Upcycled Dragon Egg Tote Bag


From Australian brand Perks and Mini’s spring/summer 2022 collection, each Upcycled Dragon Egg Tote Bag is individually crafted in Melbourne from nylon ripstop fabric that features a digital print. The design is …

Greg Lauren

Scraps Throw


Greg Lauren makes chic Japanese-inspired clothes from vintage garments he’s collected over many years. No scraps are wasted, so if they’re not usable in another garment they’re sewn in to fabric sheets …

Official Rebrand

SURPRISE Pleated Face Mask


Helmed by MI Leggett—an NYC-based, non-binary artist—Official Rebrand exists at the crux of art, fashion and sustainability. Leggett creates new garments, accessories and sculptures from unwanted and discarded materials. Super-practical and visually …


Recycled Polartec Fleece


Crafted by mysterious independent Italian brand GR10K, this fleece jacket, in “Dolphin Grey,” references military styles—a point emphasized by the fact that they source recycled Polartec from that sector. With streetwear nods …

Recycled Balinese Kite


Design collective Field Experiments resided in Ubud, Indonesia for three months for a not-so-typical design research trip. Immersing themselves in a community of local Balinese craftspeople, the team explored innovation and play …