Recycled Polartec Fleece

Crafted by mysterious independent Italian brand GR10K, this fleece jacket, in “Dolphin Grey,” references military styles—a point emphasized by the fact that they source recycled Polartec from that sector. With streetwear nods and an eco-friendly conscience, it distances itself from the style popularized by outdoor industry veterans like The North Face.

Venice Biennale 2019: The Art of Leftovers

From ceramic clothes to an inside-out plane, powerful pieces that use repurposed materials

Considering this year’s Venice Biennale title, “May you live in interesting times,” it makes perfect sense that many artists addressed human impact on the environment. To combat our excessive consumption and unending creation of waste, sustainable solutions are constantly created—or attempted. Perhaps the most common theme we found at this year’s event is one of upcycling and repurposing goods, from fish nets to discarded clothing. Here are …

Recycled Balinese Kite

Design collective Field Experiments resided in Ubud, Indonesia for three months for a not-so-typical design research trip. Immersing themselves in a community of local Balinese craftspeople, the team explored innovation and play during the design and creation processes—and the result is 100 one-off, cross-cultural “souvenirs” that think outside of the mass-produced tourist box. A highlight are the 20 one-of-a-kind kites made from recycled plastic shopping …