Lonely Lingerie

Founded in 2009, New Zealand label Lonely perfectly treads the line between sexy, romantic, modern and classic. While their entire collection is covetable, with cut-outs, velvet straps, lace and an impeccable eye for detail, the Sabel bra in black, deep green, electric blue—and soon in red and navy—is as comfortable as it is alluring.

Lillet Rosé

There’s definitely a romantic spirit to wine. A delicate dance for the taste buds, Lillet’s Rosé keeps it light and sweet, but with fuller Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Semillion grape flavor. Rosé has established itself as a glamorous alternative to champagne and with its vintage stylings, Lillet lends an elegant touch to this classic tipple.

Boob Tote

Gravel & Gold is a San Francisco-based shop of kitschy wonders that’s serious about knowing (and supporting) the artists behind the wares they stock. Their in-house line G&G Goods is nothing to scoff at either. Bare it all with their hand-printed and -sewn canvas Boob Tote, which adds a little thrill to those routine activities, like the commute to work or venture to the grocery …