Petit Fantome: L

Petit Fantome's interactive music video, Superhumanoids' i-D mix, our Valentine's theme song and more in the music we tweeted this week

Those French singers sure know how to woo—but when they get Rosanna Webster, Charlie Sheppard and HOAV Studio on their side, one hell of an interactive music video gets made. Accompanying the track “L” by Bordeaux-based musician Petit Fantôme (Pierre Loustaunau’s solo project when he’s not playing in his band François and The Atlas Mountains) is a creative manipulation of found film footage that illustrates the complex tale of love he croons about. Petit Fantôme adds his own twist to the genre of dreamy psychedelic rock by adding solid acoustic percussion, gritty electric guitars and synthetic flourishes; “L” is sure to get replay over and over in your head.