Danish Design Brand Vipp’s 80th Anniversary Products

Celebrating the legacy with their first-ever chair, French artist Vahram Muratyan's commemorative bin and new furniture

What began as a provincial metalworker’s vision for a functional, respectable trash can has expanded into a most important global design brand. Vipp founder Holger Nielse personally crafted his now-iconic pedal bin in 1939. It has since found a place in homes around the world, as well as in MoMA‘s permanent collection. From Nielsen’s first concept to the development of other kitchenware in 2012, a …

Salt and Pepper Shakers

These minimal salt and pepper shakers from Vipp are some of the best minimal accessories for any table or counter. Their audible grinding, an intentional design attribute, is inspired by the sound of a Franz Jäger safe. The ceramic grinder inside is durable, long-lasting and consistent—providing an ideal coarseness time after time. Price is in Danish krone.