Drake Powderworks’ New Permanent Phantom Wax

A one-time base glide treatment for snowboards and skis that's better for the environment

Utah-based company Drake Powderworks Skis (DPS) is planning to make a big change to the industry with their new product, the Phantom. The brand’s new Kickstarter is funding their one-time application base-coat for skis and snowboards. Its patent-pending polymer technology means this treatment is permanent. Working with material scientists, the DPS team was able to “attack the problem via a novel free-radical polymerization.” Unlike traditional …

Warm Water Wax

Made by hand, East Surf Company’s Warm Water Wax—formulated for 64 to 74-degree water temperatures—will keep your board grippy while searching for warmer waves. Each bar is formed from an original blend of organic wax, and they’ve been purposely shaped with an ergonomic crescent grip for an even spread. East’s surf wax is also available for cold and tropical waters and is sold in packs …

Murray’s Original Pomade

The pomade of choice for music legend DJ Harvey when he’s going for a “Jewish gangster” hairstyle, Murray’s Original Pomade was developed in 1926 by Chicago barber C.D. Murray, who wanted to make a high-quality but inexpensive wax-like grooming aid.