HHI and Dunderdon

Phili's custom motorcycle makers team up with the Swedish workwear company for a contemporary take on a 1970s welder's jacket

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Driven by a strong American work ethic and an eye for perfectly minimalist machinery, Hammarhead Industries first drew attention for their vintage-inspired custom motorcycles soon after their 2010 launch. Now hot on the heels of the recently released Day Pack, the new collaboration with Dunderdon takes the Philidelphia-based grease monkeys further into the world of fashion without taking them away from their roots. At the center of the collection is the Swedish-made Welder’s Jacket, a heavy-duty waxed suede jacket sturdy enough for the garage and the street.

HHI-x-Dunderdon-Welders-3.jpg HHI-x-Dunderdon-Welders-4.jpg

The Welder’s Jacket marks a slight departure for both companies, as one of Dunderdon’s first forays into suede and the most substantial utilitarian garment by HHI yet. However experimental the product may be, the collaboration came naturally through a mutually shared attitude towards minimalist design and real functionality. Dunderdon founder Per-Ivan Hagberg took on the position of lead designer on this piece, with help from HHI creative director Matt Trigaux, who also helped hand-wax the garments. After trading patterns and preferences across continents, the two settled on a slimmer-fit jacket constructed of sturdy, Swedish-made 1.3 mm suede and hardware.


The heavyweight jacket harkens back to the welding jackets worn by HHI founder James Hammarhead in the 1970s, updated only with Kevlar threading and a more contemporary fit. As a proper welding jacket—not one just made to look like it—all pockets are internal to prevent rogue sparks from finding unwelcome homes. The collar features a double clasp so it can be worn folded up to protect the neck, and another set of double clasps at the wrists allow the sleeve to fit over thick work gloves. Plus, all stress-prone seams are secured with Swedish-made metal rivets. For those interested in the clean look of raw suede, the jacket is also available unwaxed.

HHI-x-Dunderdon-Welder-1.jpg HHI-x-Dunderdon-Welder1.jpg

In addition to the Welder’s Jacket, the Dunderdon collaboration collection includes a work shirt, a pair of heavy-duty trousers—each in a black and custom HHI pewter blue colorway—leather riding gloves and a few smaller accessory items. The Welder’s Jacket was created in an initial edition of 24 pieces, which are available directly from HHI online and exclusively at NYC’s Dunderdon Workshop along with the rest of the collection. The waxed version sells for $499 while the unwaxed version goes for $399. For a closer look see the slideshow.

Images by Graham Hiemstra