Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day 2023

Rituals, soothing experiences, a bit of flavor and more recommendations from our editorial team

Valentine’s Day is for celebrating love—between romantic partners, pals, pets or yourself. Whether you’re opposed, ambivalent, oblivious or obsessed with the holiday, treating a loved one to something special can be an undeniably satisfying experience. This year we are focusing on love from the inside out, and while self-care isn’t a shop-able product, indulging in a ritual or creating a thoughtful experience for a somebody …

The Door Amulet

Made in collaboration with Luis Alberto, The Door Amulet from Sage & Salt uses the evil eye symbol to bless the home and all who enter. Handcrafted with inlaid quartz, lapis and obsidian, the brass amulet is delicate, mystical decor and a way to thoughtfully set intentions for a space.

Intuition Spray

Whether preparing a meditation space, getting ready for yoga or simply looking to cultivate more mindfulness, Intuition Spray’s earthy notes and light citrus scents help awaken the senses for more empowering rituals. Like all of Sage and Salt’s sprays, the blend is made with responsibly harvested herbs.