Mezcal Espadín

With notes of citrus and salt atop well-rounded smoke, Montelobos’ 86 proof mezcal represents the spirit’s more refined side. Made in Santiago Matatlán from 100% certified-organic Espadín agave, the Oaxacan product is a safe bet for those curious about mezcal, as well as those with a developed palate.

Hendrick’s Fantastical New Distillery in Girvan, Scotland

Part curiosity cabinet and part laboratory, the gin's wondrous new home

The brand new Hendrick’s Gin distillery in Girvan, Scotland is just as beautiful and whimsical as one could imagine. The new distillery and visitor center (which is not open to the public but will be used to host guests of the brand) is the perfect physical realization of the charms and oddities that make Hendrick’s truly Hendrick’s—it’s a mix between a mad scientist’s laboratory, your fabulous …

September Scotch: Willam Grant & Sons’ Fistful of Bourbon

One of Scotland's most acclaimed master blenders delivers an American whiskey

For all the exquisite and under-serviced single malts aging right now across Scotland, why would a publication expend words in a column dedicated to Scotch on a new bourbon? Because there’s simply so much binding both categories together in the just-released Fistful of Bourbon. From the innovation division of family-owned, global spirits powerhouse William Grant & Sons (known for prestigious Scotch brands The Balvenie and Glenfiddich, …