Panoramas Wool Blanket

Swiss artist Roland Schär captures the essence of landscapes—spontaneous lines, playful textures and vibrant colors sweep through his compelling work. ZigZagZurich’s Panoramas blanket celebrates the artist’s vision, turning his unbound abstract scenery into a 100% New Zealand wool blanket. Woven in Europe and measuring 55 by 79 inches, the Nordic-style jacquard blanket is guaranteed to keep even the coldest toes warm.

How to Freeze Soap Bubbles in Winter Weather

A craze transfixing photographers lately: capturing the freezing process of soap bubbles in winter weather yields orbs with glorious, unexpected patterning. No two bubbles are the same, and footage at Fstoppers reveals as much. They also provide extra insight and include a video from photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj—revealing that photographing these bubbles is the easy part, but landing them on the right type of surface poses …