Biodegradable Pet Wipes

Free from alcohol, parabens and dyes, these biodegradable wipes are uniquely designed for your pet’s sensitive paws, ears and coat. Oversized for efficiency, each wipe contains purified water, organic coconut oil, organic aloe vera, organic green tea extract, natural glycerin and benzoic acid—all of which is gentle but efficient. Every pack comes with 50 wipes.

Compostable Sneaker Wipes

Made from bamboo, bio-based packaging, and a water-based cleaning solution, DFNS compostable sneaker wipes can buff off stains, spills, scuffs and dust from leather and vinyl sneakers. With just a few wipes, troublesome spots disappear and leave sneakers clean and even disinfected—as bamboo has natural antibacterial properties. Plus, the Amsterdam-based company employs factories powered by wind to produce each package. Available in packs of 30.

Get Clean by AM

The company starting the movement against "screen schmutz"

There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you use your brand new gadget for the first time: The smell when you open the box, removing the screen cover and touching it for the first time. But there and then you know that it’ll never look or feel quite so perfect again. But AM is hoping to keep that new-tech feeling longterm, with their fresh …