Get Clean by AM

The company starting the movement against "screen schmutz"


There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you use your brand new gadget for the first time: The smell when you open the box, removing the screen cover and touching it for the first time. But there and then you know that it’ll never look or feel quite so perfect again. But AM is hoping to keep that new-tech feeling longterm, with their fresh line of tech cleaning products.


AM—a company that’s been in the business of cleaning since 1971—collaborated with NYC-based product design company aruliden to make cleaning all your tech gadgets easy, highly accessible and even a little fun. Back in the ’70s, AM produced finely packaged cleaners for vinyl and record-players and today, the bright colors and travel-friendly designs remain, but now AM covers everything tech—including touch-screens and TVs, as well as keyboards and trackpads. They have good reason to care about these surfaces too; the facts about the bacteria and germs on everyday tech accessories are grim. AM claims that an NYC pigeon is 10 times cleaner than a smartphone screen, and that a public toilet seat is up to 50 times cleaner than most laptops.


Their non-toxic sprays are gentle on your hands and touch-screens while being tough on visible dust and—more importantly—invisible germs. Best of all, they come in small, colorful tubes that double as a screen cloths. The wipes and mini sponges are handy to keep in your pocket or in your bag and remove face and finger oils from your touch screens with ease. The texture won’t scratch lenses or screens like many glasses cleaners do. The difference is as visible as it is tactile.

The mists, sprays and blasts start at $15, as do the mini microfiber sponge packs and the versatile wiping cloth. The pack of 18 wipes is $10. Check out the AM webstore for the full line of products and color options.

Images by Lauren Espeseth