Masego: African Lady (ADM Remix)

Made in collaboration with Lagos-based producer TMXO, Masego’s “Lady Lady” is refreshed and released as “African Lady” (ADM Remix). The Africa Dance Music rework is distant from the original, which is soulful and sweet, but still feels like a natural progression—this remix is rhythmic and drenched in talkbox-filtered vocals. Masego, who’s touring internationally through the end of the year, culls influences from all over for …

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Genre-bending new tunes by some of our favorites this week

Collard: Hell Song From his debut album Unholy, “Hell Song” is a genre-bending jam by London-based Collard. With elements of rock, blues, funk and R&B, the track is hazy, sultry and full of Collard’s fiery falsetto. Produced by Zach Nahome, the song will appeal to Prince and D’Angelo fans—but Collard isn’t imitating either of them. Unholy is out 10 May and promises to be electrifying. …

Melodiesinfonie: Tropicololo

Incorporating various live instruments (flute, congas and more), Swiss producer Melodiesinfonie’s (aka Kevin Gabriel Wettstein) label debut, “Tropicololo,” is light and charismatic. There are obvious disco and world music influences, but he pulls from many other genres—from hip-hop to soul and electronic. Wettstein crafts infectious rhythms and impressive sets, which he’s toured and supplied to Soulection shows.