The Palm Project’s Natural Bags and Baskets

Modern designs hand woven by craftswomen from Tlamacazapa, Mexico

Mexico City-based designer and CENTRO university professor Moisés Hernández has been dedicated to forwarding design in his native country. His curatorial shop Diario is stocked with unique products made in Mexico (like this two-toned bright blue tablecloth we eyed a few years ago) and each item freshly reinterprets something traditionally handmade. Hernández continues to inject modern design into storied craft with his latest effort, Palm …

Bethany Weave Large Tote

Cole Haan’s oversized leather tote can pack in everything you need—with style. The woven exterior offers a sophisticated, textured feel, while the interior faille lining in blazer blue keeps any leaky contents from harming its sheen. All the hardware is a luxuriant 9K gold, but this tote is designed to be used, and useful.

Braided Stools

Blending textures with reassuring folksiness, Debra Folz’s Braided Stools come in a variety of sizes and colors. The end result of the simple wooden design edged in thick, braided leather is elegant and sweet.