Delia Cabe’s “Storied Bars of New York”

A field guide to historic writerly watering holes and their signature cocktails

For some, a thrill crawls along the skin and up the spine when sitting down in a bar of historic importance. No regular drink shall be consumed, but one accompanied by the rarefied air shared with those who came before. Writers understand this wholeheartedly and as so many literary figures haunted establishments across the globe, the list of writerly establishments is long. Unsurprisingly, New York …

Hunter S. Thompson’s Wife Returns Antlers Stolen From Hemingway

Even after both their deaths, writers Hunter S. Thompson and Ernest Hemingway are full of surprises. This week, Thompson’s wife returned elk antlers that her late husband stole from Hemingway’s house way back in 1964. Thompson, who was apparently there to write about Hemingway’s suicide just three years prior—left the home, taking the large souvenir with him. The antlers are being given to Hemingway’s grandson.

Support Detroit’s Writer Residency Program ‘Write a House’

Detroit-based organization Write A House is a writer residency program that’s permanent. They renovate dilapidated houses around the city and award them to writers who are helping to reinvigorate the creative and literary communities in Detroit. So far they’ve successfully handed over the keys to three remodeled homes, and they’re looking to keep the streak going. Taking to Indiegogo, Write A House is currently seeking …