Khushi: This Is, Pt. I

Drawn from London-born, LA-based artist Khushi’s debut album Strange Seasons (out 13 September), “This Is, Pt. 1” volleys precise, charismatic electronic arrangements against emotional lyricism in a match of great depth. Khushi wrote, produced and sang on the track, which was recorded in an East London shed and mixed by James Blake. Part two will appear on the album.

Artificial Tongue Detects Counterfeit Whisky

Designed to taste the subtle differences between whiskies—and ultimately detect counterfeit products—the University of Glasgow’s “artificial tongue” uses sub-microscopic slices of aluminum and gold as tastebuds. A checkerboard of these “buds” absorb light differently when in contact with different whiskies. They can identify individual liquids with 99% accuracy. As Slash Gear reports, this technology can also be used “in food safety testing, quality control, security, …

JuneShine’s Delicious, Organic Hard Kombucha

Probiotics, antioxidants and 6% alcohol per can

With the debut of hard kombucha producer JuneShine a little over a year ago, co-founders Greg Serrao and Forrest Dein didn’t just launch a product,  they brought an emerging category into the national spotlight. Now six flavors deep and with distribution growing outside of their San Diego base, Juneshine is gaining momentum for many reasons. First, there’s the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) …