A Photographic Journey of Ancient Arbor

For 14 years, photographer Beth Moon has journeyed to some of those most secluded landscapes to capture photographs of the world’s oldest trees. Whether they’re a few hundred or even a few thousand years old, the trees featured in Moon’s new book “Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time” are no doubt the world’s rarest. Check out a few of the photographer’s jaw-dropping images via The Atlantic.

Aether Cone

A new simple, elegant speaker that focuses on a seamless listening experience


In a market saturated with compact music players, it’s refreshing to see a brand that stands out from the pack. With a focus on ease of use and elegant design, the Aether Cone promises to maintain its status as the sleekest container for tunes on the market. Approaching the product with a “package” ethos, Aether engineered a simple player that contains all the components to …

Mark Mothersbaugh + Shane Baum Eyewear

CH speaks to the visionary member of DEVO and his wife about their new collection of spectacles

As a member of Devo, Mark Mothersbaugh is often recognized by his iconic assortment of spectacular spectacles. Now he’s sharing his love for unique glasses by launching a collection of eyewear in collaboration with his wife Anita Greenspan and designer Shane Baum. Mothersbaugh tells CH that the idea to design his own line of glasses had been stirring in his head for quite some time. …