Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

Capitalizing on digital technology to preserve and share film negatives


Lomography always does a fantastic job breathing life back into the ever fading art of film photography. With the convenience and quality of digital cameras, analog film continues its decline but Lomography pushes hard to keep it alive by creating unique products to draw people back to the roots of photography. Their latest invention, the Smartphone Film Scanner, promises to help engage a new generation in the possibilities of film by offering a great digital tool to work with. Currently being funded through Kickstarter, the device uses a back-lit scanner box and your smartphone’s built-in camera to capture scans of 35mm negatives, which can then be edited and instantly shared with Lomography’s custom-built application.

Lomo_Sideby_1.jpg Lomo_Sideby_2.jpg

A neat, easy and affordable way to capture negatives both old and new, the scanner is a great way to engage with film and to share your analog snapshots. Back the project on Kickstarter to get special introductory pricing.