Lytro Perspective Shift

Get creative with two new features that will change how you photograph

With the introduction of their truly unique light field camera, Lytro made a big splash last year. Founder Ren Ng recently released a Lytro update that allows users manual control of their high-tech and compact cameras, and now the company is taking it a step further with two more fantastic features, coming out 4 December, which give users access to Perspective Shift and Living Filters.

Lytro cameras inherently have some dimensional capabilities due to the way they capture data. Perspective Shift capitalizes on this feature to give photos an extra element of depth, which really helps bring the photos to life. Just click (or tap on some mobile devices) and drag your cursor around to bring the entire photo into focus and access the Perspective Shift feature. As your move your cursor you will notice the photo move slightly in three dimensions, and while it doesn’t leap off of the screen, it absolutely adds another fabulous layer of interactivity.

The ability to scratch the surface of 3D photography would keep most creative shooters busy for awhile, but Lytro has another treat for its customers. Their Living Filters set consists of nine preset filters to treat your Lytro photos and give them a little extra flavor. Ranging from mimicking line art to creating faux glass surfaces, the filters, despite being preset, are highly functional and definitely help add texture and style. Best of all, the filters integrate seamlessly and all of the regular features that make Lytro photos special can still be used, including the new Perspective Shift. Finally these features can be applied to any Lytro photos, even ones taken before the update.

Overall this is a great step forward for Lytro. Many of the new features are in direct response to consumer feedback so they should be a hit among the community. The most interesting aspect of these tools is not the level of software development or technology involved, but what the users will be able to do with them. Offering photographers new tools opens up endless creative possibilities and the potential to discover new methods of visual storytelling. For more information visit the Lytro website.