Lab-Grown Diamond Cushion Cut Studs


Available in different sizes, metals and colors, these lab-grown diamond studs bring a sparkle to your ears. Also available loose and in other settings, Lightbox Jewelry’s stones are unlike other diamonds. Natural diamonds are unique and formed some 100 miles below ground one to three billion years ago, due to unique temperature and pressure conditions, and eventually pushed toward the ground through volcanic activity, but lab-grown diamonds are made using technology to replicate that natural process. Lightbox crafts them at their high-tech lab outside of Portland, Oregon using a Chemical Vapor Disposition (CVD) chamber, where a small slice of an existing lab-grown diamond is placed, gases are inserted and heated by microwaves. When the gases turn to plasma, it enables the lab-grown diamond to grow. It’s a linear and precise process, with a carat-sized stone growing in a month or so, and a two-carat stone growing in two months. Different gases create clear, pink or blue stones. Once grown, the stone is treated like any other: it gets cut, graded, polished and set. These blue 1.5-carat diamonds look fresh and clean in their 14k white gold setting.