Bunny Charm Earring

From Tokyo-based AMBUSH, founded by YOON (aka South Korean American designer Yoon Ahn) and Verbal (Japanese rapper, producer and director), the silver Bunny Charm Earring celebrates the brand’s playful and experimental aesthetic. The rabbit dangles from a safety pin earring, all crafted from brass but coated in a shiny silver finish. It’s also available in sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver.

Paradise Found: An Erotic Treasury for Sybarites

Paradise Found: An Erotic Treasury for Sybarites compiles and contextualizes the pioneering work of sexual anthropologist and designer Betony Vernon. Written by Vernon, the book explores empowering, sensual design, jewelry as a form of the erotic and advice on how to use these tools to heighten pleasure. Tantalizing and riveting, the trove uncovers new sides to desire, sex and design.

Holiday Gift Guides 2022: Queer-Owned Brands

Products by LGBTQ+ makers, designers, artists, writers and more

Every gift we give can have a resounding impact well beyond the reaction of the receiver so it’s important to be mindful of where our money goes. Supporting the LGBTQ+ community is always necessary—every day, all year round. (And whether friend or family, be sure to check in on the LGBTQ+ people in your life, especially over the holidays.) LGBTQ+ designers, artists, authors, makers and …