Single Mushroom Hoop Earring

This 18k gold-plated, mushroom-shaped earring shines with refined details, from its textured finish to its pearl-encrusted cap. Crafted by Natia Chkhartishvili and Tamar Svanidze’s jewelry house Eshvi, the single hoop is both earthy and elegant.

Studio Visit: Jewelry Brand Haricot Vert

Collage informs these whimsical accessories, handmade in this NYC-based studio

A modest, blue-toned apartment in Ridgewood, Queens currently doubles as a studio for the whimsical independent jewelry brand Haricot Vert. Inside the living-room-turned-workspace, founder Kelsey Armstrong pairs vintage Monopoly pieces, miniature cutlery and other found objects with her signature picto-charms—tiny photos turned into glazed pendants that Armstrong crafts by hand. Owned, operated and made almost entirely by the founder (save for the occasional assistant), Haricot …

Un Poco Loco Necklace

Smiley faces, fruits, yin-yangs, hearts and pearls fill this glass bead necklace from Copenhagen-based Pura Utz. Handmade by a team of artisans in Guatemala, the playful piece promises to be eye-catching on its own, but pairs beautifully with other jewelry. The colorful necklace is available in two sizes: 42cm or 50cm. Price is in kroner.