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I Dream of Tokyu Hands

Part 2 of my Tokyo review, stores:

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Juvenile Delinquent – for the blinged-out zoot suit look. The suits are classic zoot, but the accessories are totally blinged-out. Gold necklaces, sunglasses with decorated with diamonds, tie pins, canes and tattoo inspired wife-beaters. They also have casual shirts and some women's clothing. For the super-style set.

Armored Galley – "Bringing out the aggressor that's hidden deep inside you" is the theme of the Armored Gallery. It sells the most realistic and expensive airsoft guns ever. Guns are illegal in Japan, and maybe that is part of the fascination. Entering this store is like walking into a Wal-Mart in the middle of the US with racks and racks of guns. They look so real; it is hard to believe that people only use them to play mock military-stytle games.

Loveless – sells Chloe and Helmut Lang as well as vintage concert posters and books. The physical space is like walking into a goth's fantasy basement. Don't worry, everything is super cool. (across from the Prada store)

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Finally, before I went to Japan, I asked everyone, I knew, who had recently visited Tokyo what I had to check out. Everyone told me to go to Tokyu Hands, which is a variety store that sells everything that you could desire and didn't know that you need, and more. The first time I walked into Tokyu Hands I saw a huge dartboard display, pink-camo plastic for picnics and an entire section of phone charms. Here is a sample of products that are sold at Tokyu Hands — the spelling and word choices are courtesy of the Shibuya store:

Prop and propping shelves
Artificial lawn
Chasing materials
Adhesives and household plasters
Plastic materials
Rubber soundproof materials
Ropes and hoses
Rains wears
Lumber workshop
Sports bags
Precious woods
Spare key corner
Disaster preventions supplies
Coast hanger stands
Letter sets
Portable telephone accessories
Artificial flowers materials
Handicrafts supplies
Sigh boards
Scales for weighting
Natural stones
Chains and wires
Packing materials
Kitchen utilities


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