Dynomighty Design: The Mighty Wallet


Dynomighty Design uses High Density Polyethylene threads (Tyvek to us non-chemists) to make their Mighty Wallet a tough and lightweight option. We recently had the opportunity to meet with Terrence Kelleman, the mastermind behind Dynomighty, who demonstrated the Mighty Wallet's incredible durability when faced with basically any stress imaginable.

If you've ever tried to tear a FedEx envelopes, you have some idea of Tyvek's strength; it's near impossible to break. And due to its flexibility, a single piece of folded material goes into making the Mighty, reducing the possibility of damage along seam lines. The design also renders the wallet expandable, adapting to individual levels of use.


To prove its strength, Kelleman put his product through a range of tests, including soaking it in water for a full day, freezing it for a week, beating it with a sledgehammer and even using it to hang from the ceiling. (See a video, along with more images, after the jump.)


He says there may even be plans for a similar test involving his motorcycle. "I think three could take it," he boasts. From what we've seen, we're inclined to believe him. To top it off, the recyclable wallets are made from 25% post-consumer material, adding a comforting tint of green to their capabilities as a wallet.


The Mighty Wallet comes in fifteen different designs, ranging from an all-black version and one that looks as if its folded out of comic book pages to Kelleman's old French homework and a printout of the first 3,000 digits of Pi. Seven more will debut late this August.

They sell for a mere $15 through Dynomighty Design.