Trio Vase

Merging 3D printing with ceramic and floral artistry, Homa Studios and Pétales et Plantes collaborated on a collection of unique vases which includes the delightfully eclectic Trio. With an unusual tilt and funky waves, the Trio vase accentuates any floral arrangement held within.

CW&T’s Clever Solid State Watch

Housed inside a permanent resin case, the watch features no buttons or knobs and can never be adjusted

Funding on Kickstarter now and already beyond its goal, Brooklyn studio CW&T‘s Solid State Watch emphasizes the fact that the passing of time is one of life’s few constants. Using the “guts” of a Casio F-91W watch, Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy (CW&T’s founders) construct a timepiece without buttons, knobs, or the layers that typically form a face and case. Instead, the two encase the …

Grown-To-Order Headphones Made From Fungus

Korvaa has developed headphones made of fungus, biomaterials and 3D-printed plastics derived from the lactic acid found in yeast. The leather-like material that covers the foam ear-pads is actually fungal mycelium, while the firm but adjustable headband is made from the aforementioned 3D-printed plastics. Despite not being in production (yet), the prototype is proof that companies can rely on alternative sustainable materials to produce a …