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A24’s “Dicks: The Musical” T-Shirt


To celebrate the cinematic release of Dicks: The Musical, beloved independent entertainment company A24 has released a T-shirt as comically outrageous as the film’s concept. Boldly emblazoned with “I ❤️ Dicks” and, …

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serpentwithfeet: The Hands

Featuring contributions from Animal Collective, production by Sensei Bueno and vocals from StemsMusic Choir, serpentwithfeet’s new track “The Hands” proves once again how adept the R&B artist is at creating rich, evocative …


Star Child: Special Edition by Claire A Nivola


Featured in writer-director Mike Mills’ endearing cinematic masterpiece C’mon C’mon, the out-of-print children’s book Star Child returns to shelves thanks to independent media organization A24 (who also distributed the film). Written and …


A24 Ceramic Set


Handmade in Japan by the artisans of the Hasami porcelain brand Maruhiro, this tea cup and saucer set incorporates the Jordan Awan-designed logo of the beloved independent media company A24. Available in pale …


Horror Caviar: A Cookbook


Behind the simulated nubuck leather cover of Horror Caviar lies a sweet, savory and delectable exploration of A24’s cult classic films as well as the larger cannon of horror movies. With recipes inspired …