Absolut Art + COOL HUNTING’s Plant-Focused Art Presentation

Five artists created 11 limited edition prints, available online now

Presented in partnership with Absolut Art

When Absolut Art approached COOL HUNTING about a partnership to present works on a specific theme, we were quick to come up with a motif that was—and remains—close to our hearts. First, we focused on our appreciation for nature, which we then refined to the theme to plants. After over a year confined mostly indoors, we found it especially apt; many of us cultivating our …

Data Journalist Mona Chalabi’s Uplifting Art Prints for Earth Day

Three limited edition works, produced in collaboration with Absolut Art, celebrate beautiful facts from the natural world

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Absolut Art tapped artist Mona Chalabi—an acclaimed data journalist, writer and TV producer—to translate optimistic, unchanging data into a series of limited edition prints. Drawn from statistics that celebrate the quiet beauty of the natural world, Chalabi’s visualizations bring numbers to life. She harnesses the joy in data and soothes the soul. “In the time it takes you …

Absolut’s Impressive Art Trifecta in Stockholm

A digital art bar, two biannual awards, and a museum cataloging it all

In Stockholm this past weekend, vodka brand Absolut affirmed its decades-long commitment to the world of art. With well-known origins tied to Andy Warhol and a professional understanding that extends to the present day Absolut Art market, there’s an authenticity to this connection. Absolut actually employs a Global Art Manager, Saskia Neuman and, as much as her role requires finding new and exciting artists to …