Absolut Art + COOL HUNTING’s Plant-Focused Art Presentation

Five artists created 11 limited edition prints, available online now

Presented in partnership with Absolut Art

When Absolut Art approached COOL HUNTING about a partnership to present works on a specific theme, we were quick to come up with a motif that was—and remains—close to our hearts. First, we focused on our appreciation for nature, which we then refined to the theme to plants. After over a year confined mostly indoors, we found it especially apt; many of us cultivating our own little indoor jungles to replicate some of the tranquility and joy that comes from being outside, immersed in nature.

From there, we built a list of some of our favorite artists who make work featuring plants—from collage-style abstract prints to stunning still-life photographs. From our lengthy list, the team at Absolut Art selected five finalists.

Courtesy of Carissa Potter / Andy Mister

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our presentation, featuring Jasjyot Singh Hans, Hannah Rosa Lewis-Lopes, Kathryn Macnaughton, Andy Mister and Carissa Potter. Each artist has contributed one or more limited edition prints (in editions of 25 to 35), available for purchase now.

Courtesy of Kathryn Macnaughton / Jasjyot Singh Hans

Each artist had the opportunity to select an organization or initiative for Absolut Art to donate toward. India’s Hemkunt Foundation (an organization that works on various projects from providing sanitary napkins and education on menstruation to delivering much-needed oxygen to COVID patients) and UK-based Extinction Rebellion (an initiative working to make governments accountable and act on the climate emergency) were chosen.

There are 11 prints available online, with prices starting at $250.

Hero image courtesy of Hannah Rosa Lewis-Lopes