Tybee Jump Rope

Launched with the mission to produce beautiful, simple objects for everyday use, General Manufacturing Concern is a project by former Best Made Co. designer Hunter Craighill. This durable walnut jump rope is lovingly handmade and features a leather rope with a bevy of bright paracord wrapped handles, making it resistant to wear even outdoors.

Nail Art Brush Kit

For the budding nail artist or DIY enthusiast, Sephora’s Nail Art Brush Kit is the complete package. The set comes with fan, flat and pointed brushes, a dotting tool and two fine-tip pens for easy, customizable nail art.

That’s Totally In!

“That’s Totally In! The Adventures of Isis Nicole,” is an engaging coloring book that captures the nail art fanatic’s design adventures. Illustrated by Sara M. Lyons, the activity book features customized nail art decals and eyecandy stickers.